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Hey Guys,

So it has been months since i have posted,  i was a little over occupied and hence did not get much time , also i needed time to think about what i should be posting because as i had started this blog for creating mental awareness ,mainly  focusing on depression and anxiety but then after sometime i realized that mental health problems are actually a lot more than what i was thinking about sharing. I am currently doing masters in social welfare and we are actually exposed to a lot of socio-economic problems and which are causing a lot of mental disorders ,as the world is getting faster our lifestyles are changing , our eating habits are changing and also there are other reasons that are affecting our mental health , so i will be sharing some of the instances that i have come across and also how our daily lives are affected by such problems. I will also be sharing the case studies of some patients who are suffering from very serious health issues and due to those reasons they are also becoming victims of mental health problems.

So stay tuned guys.



Raising funds for the children of JAMMU AND KASHMIR .

Guys I have not been actively blogging for a long time now ,as I was busy with some personal issues ,but today I am not going to discuss anything about mental illness ,let’s focus our attention on the children of Jammu and Kashmir ,we are all aware about their conditions and I am trying to raise funds for these children on behalf of CRY (CHILD RIGHTS AND YOU) so it’s a hearty request from my side please donate any amount you want and help us raise funds for bettering up the lives of these children.


The Stigma of Mental Illness is making us sicker. There are a lot of people who struggle with mood disorders , depression,anxiety, habit of overthinking. I often come across a lot of individuals who think really low about themselves and most of their thoughts are negetive and it leads them to having a low self esteem and feeling of worthlessness. In case of children ,often parents scolding them or stating harsh comments like they are good for nothing, affects their mental health. We are afterall human beings and others do affect how and what we feel about ourselves. Mental illness slowly begins to affect our physical health. People staying depressed often eat less due to feeling nausea ,it affects their sleep. Often high level of anxiety affects the blood pressure of our body. People get more restless and they feel tired all the time ,but mental illness is just like any other illness which can be treated. We can overcome it with pride but for that not just awareness is required but the society has to be freed from the stigma of mental illness.

If your neighbours ask you were you went this evening and you reply to her question saying – to an eye doctor she would be quite satisfied and fine with your answer but if you tell her you took your child to a counceller she might stop all kind of conversation with you and withdraw herself from your entire family thinking your child went mad and is taken to a counceller, this is how stigmatized our society is ,Do you ever call a person visiting an eye doctor as blind ,then why call a person visiting a counceller as a mad man.

People struggling from mental illness are often blamed ,imagine you being blamed for having cancer . So guys we can prevent suicide , we can save hundreds of lives just by ending the stigma of mental illness by letting every struggling person know that they are not alone, so that they feel free to share there problems and ask for help when required. They don’t have to hide their scars any more ,they don’t have to feel ashamed of there condition.

People might ask you not worry and that it’s just a phase and will pass away but for some it might last a life time ,so just let them know that they are not crazy or insane ,that they are people with a condition.

Stigma is SHAME ,Causes SILENCE and HURTS ALL. So let’s end STIGMA ,let’s tell them they are not alone ,because Depression isn’t a choice but stigma and ignorance are.

A is for Anxiety

Is anxiety chasing you? Well you are not alone. There are millions of people suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is a chronic problem nowadays and it often leads to depression.

How do you initially know that you have anxiety, well some of the most common symptoms are:-

  • Overwhelming feelings of panic/ panic attacks.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Finding hard in concentrating in your daily activities.
  • Trouble eating.
  • Always feeling tired and irritable.
  • Trembling and racing heart.

Anxiety is the most silently painful exprience. It makes no sense and you can sit alone and suffer for any unknown reason. You cannot explain it and it feels horrible.Often due to intense attack or some shocking situation a person starts getting anxiety and suffers.

I remember during my first year honours examination I suffered from hard situation due to anxiety. I couldn’t sleep at night or in the afternoon because of pressure in studies,I used to study work hard all day and at night I felt really tired but as soon as I lied down in bed all sorts of thoughts used to come in my mind ,I used to overthink ,and one of the most horrible hallmarks of any type of anxiety is overthinking ,I tried to stop it stop those thoughts and sleep I couldn’t ,moreover I freaked out that why couldn’t I sleep ,what is wrong with me if I don’t sleep my mind won’t get enough rest so I won’t be able to study the next morning and if this continues everyday ,what will I write in exam ,all sorts of negetive thoughts drulled round my mind and hence I was caught in a viscous circle of anxiety.

Slowly I started recovering and u have to always help yourself ,I learnt more about anxiety and it’s issues and and how to cope up from it and I implemented them on myself and it kind of worked , planning out everything on a regular basis helps a lot. I survived that year and I feel proud of myself ,though it was a hard time but everybody has to face hard times in life and even now I get anxious many a time ,and get panic attacks but now I know how to fight back and never allow anxiety to win over me.

Some of the things you can do regularly to maintain a healthy brain and body and stay away from anxiety is:-

  • Write down your problems and issues in life and then keep planning out how to solve it ,it will tame your anxiety.
  • Also keep yourself distracted and busy. Watching your favourite TV show or reading your favourite book ,or doing something you love ,it might be cooking or painting and can help you stay positive.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Practising yoga or meditation can help to calm down and also increase your concentration.
  • And take some time out and breathe.

Guide me safe to the shore (A story about a young girl)

What is depression like ?he whispered.

It is like drowning. Except you can see everyone around you breathing.

Do you ever feel like there’s not a person in the world who loves you?

Do you ever feel like your entire life is falling apart ?

This is what happened to this young girl, cheerful she was full of life ,sports her passion, painting her hobby but what happens when you start making a single person your life . This is what the young girl did ,her world started and revolved around that one single person she was so deeply in love with but though that person was also into her but did not make her his world . Young she was and wanted to be his every sigh of relief but things began to change after some years ,the person she had made her entire world into started changing with time and space ,and the young girl could not get herself enough busy in life as her entire world was him,she felt like her entire world was falling apart. Anxiety became her enemy and depression started to sweap in. She would spend hours lieing on the bed doing nothing,always anxious she felt empty from within and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel ,covered in darkness she could not see the brighter side of life ,all she wanted was her soul to be saved and so she said in a quivering voice


‘d’is for Depression~

Depression has become a growing problem in today’s world. Our lives are getting more busy every single day and is falling in traps of depression. Depression is a common and serious medical illness also called(major depressive disorder) which affects how you feel and the way you act. It often leads to feeling of sadness and a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. People of all age groups can become victims of depression causing emotional and physical problems and thereby reducing their ability at work or home. It can be teenagers who might be fighting through some tough phases in life and are unable to share it with their parents or friends. The statistics about teenage runaways, alcoholism, drug problems, eating disorders and suicide are quite alarming. The common link to all this is often depression so parents have to be more aware and talk to their children as to what is going on in their lives and especially be more concerned when they see a withdrawal from there children’s side.

Not only teenagers but even adults are often suffering from depression due to unhealthy lifestyle ,work pressure ,lesser contact with family or kins and it leads them to conditions when they are unable to see the brighter side of life. Depression is also common among elderly people and hence it has become an evil in the lives of man. Proper care must be taken at the right time and if you find anybody around you suffering from such issues please do not ignore it take them for councelling inform there families and spread awareness among people as much as you can. Do not laugh or make fun of people when they are sharing their situation or their problems with you or if you find some one who keeps to one self or not much mixes up with other friends colleagues or classmates, it might be that the person is an introvert but it also might be that they are going through a tough phase in life and are battling against depression. We never know what exactly is going on in the lives of others unless we put ourselves into their shoes.


So try and help people out and create more awareness among people and it can always get better with help and people who feel they are depressed and are reading this article please learn more and talk to your doctor and, know that you are not alone. Help is near.

Be your own motivation~

Do not let your bad expriences in the past affect your future negetively ,remember you can become a role model for your ownself ,you can motivate your own self even if there is no one standing beside you ,and do not compare yourself to others ,every human being is different and every person reaches ,stages of there lives at different times ,it might take you a little longer to reach were others have already reached but you will make your way through it ,so always compare your present self with what you were yesterday, and see how many steps  you have moved forward ,be your own motivation guys and also if you see people around you it can be your friends or collegues or children who are struggling through there lives dont forget to take out a  little time and appreciate them,it might add a little spark in there lives.